Photography has been my passion ever since I was a small child taking photographs of things on my family farm.  My father instilled a love for photography in me by teaching me what he knew to help me compete in 4H.  Ever since then, people would get annoyed with me taking photographs at every family function and even in every day life.  I believe that a photograph is a tangible way to capture a moment in time forever. That passion grew into a business in 2010. 



 I work diligently to capture a tangible memory that will last forever.  At every portrait session, wedding, or special event, I do my best to make the time special and unique.  For example, in Melissa and Brice's portrait session I took a photograph of them with cattle in the background because he is a rancher.  In William's portrait session I took a newborn photograph of him inside his dad's baseball glove with one of his baseball's on the side, because his dad has a love for ball and used to play.  In the Teal family portraits I incorporated the father's violin because he is a music teacher and his family has a love for music. 

 These added touches make each portrait session unique.  I believe it is important to get to know my client and bring out their personality while also giving the session a classic and timeless look.

   I am a friend, wife, mother, and photographer who values people and building relationships.  I truly am blessed beyond measure and believe that I'm here on earth to go out of my way to help others.  I do my best to live my personal and professional life in a loving way.